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Lucky Strike provide great crews, spectacular locations, inspired casting, memorable client hospitality and everything else you need to feel both comfortable and confident shooting here.

Budgeting and Research

From the moment we receive your brief we can offer help and advice on the whole UK shooting experience, based on our many years of experience of shooting with international clients. We generally bid on AICP budget forms, a global industry standard, with local currency conversion. Budgets are turned around very quickly because we know client and agency usually want to see numbers as soon as possible.


 Putting Your Crew Together

The film industry in the UK has a long history and a highly developed infrastructure. This means highly specialised technicians, state of the art equipment, and plenty of choice.

We work with really gifted D.o.P’s, Designers, Stylists and other creative Heads of Department, matching them with your specific requirements. Many of the commercials we have shot with clients over the years have won awards for their creative excellence, and we like to think we played some part in that by putting together really great creative and production teams.


Locations & Stages

The UK has an incredible variety and richness of locations. From iconic London Landmarks to Castles in Scotland, we have it covered. Lucky Strike has a partnership with two of the UK’s best respected Location Companies – Amazing Space and Location Partnership. In addition to the great location library of our production partners in Scotland, LS Productions, clients can expect comprehensive and targeted location reference from pitch through to production, with honest advice about what is realistic and what is not.

We also have a very wide variety of stages across the UK, many of them in regional hubs outside London like Manchester, Leeds, Cardiff and Bristol. London can offer everything from the 007 Stage at Pinewood through to independently owned stages in the very centre of London, with virtually everything in between.


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The UK has the widest pool of talent in Europe, which means that whoever you’re looking to cast, you’ll find them with us. The talent pool is so large in fact that often we cast in London and travel the talent out to where they happen to be shooting. Clients can expect detailed and reliable advice about talent rates, buyouts, and exclusivity deals.

We have a long history of working with celebrities – Kate Moss, Paul McCartney, Uma Thurman, Piers Brosnan, Carrie Fisher, Hugh Laurie, Anna Friel, David Beckham, Naomi Campbell, Gary Cahill and many others, and have long standing relationships with top model agencies like Storm.



Stills & Behind The Scenes

Film and stills shoots are becoming ever more closely linked. We can organise stand alone stills shoots or find the perfect stills photographer for your shoot, as well as providing some great behind the scenes shooters.


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 Client Hospitality……and Everything Else

After a great shoot, let us book you something special and memorable while you’re over here in the UK. A day at the races, or a theatre show ? A rugby match or a day at Beaulieu Motor Museum ? Maybe the Goodwood Classics followed by a meal at a restaurant on the Thames ? Whatever it is, we can make suggestions for practically everything you might want to do, or have heard about here in the UK, and then we’ll organise everything.